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By Shigeru Yamane, Kathleen Yamane

B5 size      15 units        128 pages

ISBN978-4-7647-4190-4   ¥3,080 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD,

TM (Scripts, Japanese Translations, Vocabulary Tests)

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The latest in the popular series incorporating video clips from the top-rated American television news program.


The pre-and post-viewing exercises will help learners access the news in a meaningful way and improve their English communication skills.


Online video content streaming for students' out-of-class practice.

Please watch a sample video on Kinseido's plusMedia platform.


News Story 1   Honoring Earth Day

News Story 2   Student Loan Showdown

News Story 3   Celebrating as American Citizens

News Story 4   New Zealand Warning on Climate

News Story 5   Students Help 80-Year-Old Janitor

News Story 6   Biden Signs Marriage Law

News Story 7   David’s Toy Project

News Story 8   Safe Drinking Water

News Story 9   Students Create Prosthesis for Dog

News Story 10 Inside ChatGPT Technology

News Story 11 Sister Jean, the Beloved Chaplain

News Story 12 Paralyzed Man Walks Again

News Story 13 Drilling Project in Alaska

News Story 14 Fury in France

News Story 15 Increased Outreach in East Palestine

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