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American Vibes

By Todd Rucynski, Yoko Nakagawa

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4094-5  ¥2,970 (incl. tax)

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Dynamic video images filmed by co-author Todd Rucynski on location communicate the heartbeat of diversity in cities across the USA!

Exciting footage shows 13 great American cities and people who live there. 

Captivating scenes of each city and interviews with people from various backgrounds.

They talk about their lives, values and some issues that America is facing today.

The text includes reading passages and columns that deepens understanding of what students see on the screen, giving them a multilayered look at American culture and history.

WATCH 6 sample videos on plus+Media


Table of Contents

  New England—Where It All Began

  Unit 1    Boston, Massachusetts

  Unit 2    Maine

  Unit 3    New York City 1

  Unit 4    New York City 2

  Unit 5    Washington, D.C.

  Unit 6    Charleston, South Carolina

  Unit 7    Savannah, Georgia

  Unit 8    Oswego, New York

  Unit 9    Austin, Texas

  Unit 10  Saint Jo, Texas

  Unit 11  Santa Fe, New Mexico

  Unit 12  Arizona (Grand Canyon, Route 66)

  Unit 13  Los Angeles 1

  Unit 14  Los Angeles 2

  Unit 15  Seattle, Washington

Message From Todd Rucynski

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