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Ordering Inspection Copies
through E-SPACE

All Kinseido titles are controlled and managed through E-SPACE, our all-encompassing database. We strongly encourage you to take a minute to sign up.

To ensure there are no surprises for you, we wanted to let you know that since E-SPACE is data-heavy, it is very difficult to duplicate. For this reason, when you click on the cart in the website, our system transfers you from to, which is where E-SPACE is hosted.

Let’s say you want to order an inspection copy of Dynamic Presentations.


Step 1 Look up Dynamic Presentations on

Step 2 Click on the Inspection Copy button, which takes you to the product page on as below.

Step 3 Once you click the yellow Inspection Copy Request button, the button turns red.

Step 4 Click on  Go to the cart  or the red cart (1) icon.

Inspection Copy1.png
Inspection Copy

Step 5 Check to make sure you can soon confirm Dynamic Presentations as an inspection copy.

           If you plan to use the text in more than one school, please let us know in the Correspondence box.

Inspection Copy

Step 6 Review your cart before proceeding.

Inspection Copy

Step 7 Now you must either log in or sign up to be able to confirm your transaction.

Inspection Copy

Step 8 Confirm your order.

Inspection Copy


When you click on Sign Up in the top right-hand corner of, the next page asks you to agree and proceed, then takes you to the original Kinseido website to proceed.

Clicking Log In will take you straight to the Log In page on


You can order different items separately or do 2 or more at the same time:

  • you can order up to ten (10) inspection copies in the same order;

  • you can make a stock reservation to ensure Kinseido keeps stock of the books you have purchased ready for on-time delivery (to do this, of course, we must have received your original order first);

  • you can purchase books.

Remember to give us all the necessary information.

The screenshot below shows an example of an inspection copy, a purchase and a stock reservation:

Inspection Copy

Once shipped, our packages usually take between 3-5 days to be delivered by Japan Post.

Inspection copies are always shipped free of charge.

Purchases less than 4cm thick are JPY370.

Anything over 4kg will be sent by takkyubin as cash-on-delivery packages.

As you can see below, the yellow band at the top allows for adjustments.

E-SPACE only allows the registration of one delivery address at a time.

However, it is easy to go through Change Account Information to redirect delivery.

Inspection Copy

Be aware that clicking on Log Out at this point empties your basket, so please take care.


We try our best to follow up with everyone, usually 1-2 weeks after sending your package.

Nevertheless, please feel free to contact us any time with questions about our products.


Team Kinseido is always happy to help –

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