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Kinseido ELT has several ways for you to order our materials:

  • Use the usual order system in place in your school or university or local bookstore

  • Direct orders to the Kinseido sales department [not through a bookstore]
    Should you wish to place a direct order with Kinseido, rather than going through a bookstore,
     your order book will be sent to you with a delivery note, an invoice, and a post office money transfer form enclosed. Due to changes in the post office system, bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer from 2022. 
    For orders placed directly with the Kinseido Sales Department, shipping costs will be paid by Kinseido.
    Call or email us – 03-3263-3828 & 
    Receipts can be issued upon request after the transfer is confirmed and sent by mail.
    Sign up for E-SPACE to reserve orders and request inspection copies as well as make purchases.
    [Please note that Kinseido cannot issue receipts for orders placed through E-SPACE. Under Japanese law, the recipient of the payment is obligated to issue a receipt. For credit card payments, Kinseido is not able to issue a receipt because Kinseido does not directly receive the money.]

We will take you through our order system on E-SPACE step by step to help you familiarize yourself with it.

Go to the product page and click on Purchase to put the book in your cart.

You will select quantity later.


The next page you will see at the top of your screen is the How to use section.

Please note that books are shipped via Japan Post Letter Pack. The cost is JPY 370 flat rate.

Packages that exceed a thickness of 3 cm or weight of 4 kg will be sent by takkyubin/home delivery service, with the additional shipping fee due on delivery.

Kinseido ships orders domestically only – we cannot deliver outside Japan.


Scroll down to see your order information details.


Enter the volumes per title.

Enter in the Correspondence box any information that will help us support you more.

Click Next to proceed.


Order Details

ISBN Number/Book Title/Author(s)/Single Book Price/Volume ordered/Total Cost per Title

Total Cost of Books ordered/Shipping/Total Order Cost

Click Next to proceed.


After clicking Next, the system will then automatically ask you to either log in to E-SPACE or sign up:


The first Confirm your order page is to finalize titles and volume because the next page is to decide payment. Orders once confirmed here cannot be changed (although they can be completely deleted from your cart by logging out).


Your order details appear at the bottom of the order page. If you want your order to go to an address different to the one currently registered, click on the (Change customer info) link.


After clicking on Confirm your order the second time, your order is now locked to prepare for the payment process, which is through a secure third-party payment system.

Currently, we only accept credit cards.


At this stage, should you wish not to proceed to the final purchase page, you can log out, which serves to empty your cart to allow you to create a new order.


Once you are on the payment page, click on the circle to the left of クレジットカード (Credit Card) and click Continue to go to the last page.


Fill in your credit card information and click Make Payment.


Within minutes of completing your transaction, Kinseido emails you with the details, like below:


If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us: 03-3263-3828 &

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