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New Enterprise

New Enterprise is a four-level series for young adult learners of English covering CEFR Levels A1 to B1+. This time-tested series maintains the core approach of the original “Enterprise” course while enriching it with new features designed to meet the demands of today’s students.

Key Features

  • 12 theme-based units with video

  • A range of activities across all four skills

  • Systematic vocabulary presentation and practice

  • Grammar presented in context with graded exercises

  • Critical thinking skills exercises

  • Culture sections at the end of each unit

  • Self-evaluation review sections in each unit

  • Study Skills and Writing Tips to encourage autonomous learning

  • Values & Public Speaking Skills every three units

  • Four CLIL sections each covering three units

  • Teacher’s Book with lesson plans, exercise answers, audioscripts, and evaluation sheets.

  • Digital version of the Student’s Book

*New Enterprise is published by Express Publishing.

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