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  • What is E-SPACE?
    Kinseido has a system called E-SPACE for teachers to use for ordering inspection copies, as well as teachers’ manuals, audio files and stock reservations. Click here to go to E-SPACE. You can also access E-SPACE from the yellow icon on the top right corner of the top page of the website. We will automatically send anything you request or order to the address listed on your E-SPACE account.
  • Can I change my personal information on E-SPACE after I register?
    It is very easy and quick to change your information by clicking here to log into your E-SPACE account, then clicking on Change Account Information in the yellow menu bar.
  • How can I change my shipping address?
    It is very easy and quick to change your information by clicking here to log into your E-SPACE account, then clicking on Change Account Information in the yellow menu bar.
  • Can I change my password on E-SPACE?
    Yes, you can do it on E-SPACE. Click on Log in on the menu bar, then Forgot password? on the next page and we will automatically send you a new password to your registered e-mail address. You can also go to Change Account Information after logging in to change your password and other information, such as phone number, address, and the furigana for your name.
  • How can I order inspection copies?
    Kinseido understands that choosing materials for classes is a time-consuming process. To support you, we provide an inspection copy service through E-SPACE. You can order up to 10 inspection copies at any one time. Inspection copies are delivered free of charge to you via Yu-Mail (Japan Post). Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.
  • Can I make a stock reservation?
    Kinseido is happy to work with you to make stock reservations. Click the yellow Stock Reservation button on the page of the product you want to reserve and follow the instructions for making reservations. Please provide the name of the school and the number of copies you will order upon sending a notification for adoption. Please note that this service is for securing the stock of the relevant textbooks for your adoption. This is not for the actual order.
  • Does Kinseido provide desk copies?
    Desk copies and other components for teachers are available upon request with orders of 15 or more copies per title. To do this on E-SPACE, please make sure you check the boxes for a desk copy and other components. Desk copies are delivered free of charge to you via Yu-Mail (Japan Post). Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.
  • How do you provide the audio and teachers’ manuals?
    After you request the audio and teachers’ manuals through E-SPACE, we will send you information via e-mail on how to download the files. The audio data is in mp3 format and teachers’ manuals are in PDF format. Please follow the instructions provided in the e-mail to download the files.
  • How can I delete my E-SPACE account?
    If you wish to delete your E-SPACE account, it is easy to do. 1. Login to your account. 2. Click on Delete Account in the yellow menu bar. 3. On the next screen, there is an option to click the Yes button to delete your account. You are always welcome to create a new account on E-SPACE any time you want.
  • Can you recommend books for my classes?
    Our sales team is happy to assist you choose the best Kinseido titles for your classes. Please let us know the details of your classes: number of students, level, length of course and any other details you think will help us recommend materials for you. There are several ways to contact us: - call us at 03-3263-3828 (9am to 5pm); - email us at; - use the contact page at
  • Can I purchase books directly from Kinseido?
    Yes, you can. There are two ways you can order. DIRECT: contact the Sales Team directly to place your order. When we dispatch your order, we include a Post Office payment slip. Kinseido does not offer a bank transfer option for direct orders. E-SPACE: After placing your books in the cart, go to E-SPACE to complete your order. Then, enter the number of copies you need. Online payments may be made by credit card. Your purchase will be sent as soon as payment is complete. For more information about ordering, please refer to our comprehensive Order page.
  • How much is shipping? How long does it take?
    Most purchased items can be shipped via Japan Post Letter Pack for a cost of 370 yen. Packages that exceed a thickness of 3 cm or weight of 4 kg will be sent by takkyubin home delivery service, with the additional shipping fee payable upon delivery. Shipment takes between 3-5 days. Inspection copies, desk copies and bulk orders are shipped free of charge.
  • Does Kinseido ship internationally?
    Kinseido ships within Japan only - unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally.
  • Does Kinseido accept returns?
    Kinseido accepts returned items on two conditions: 1. If any item is damaged due to transportation. 2. If there was an error in shipment on our side. Please check your product thoroughly after receipt. We always take all possible measures to ensure that our products are shipped in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that you have received damaged product, please contact us by email or by telephone at 03-3263-3828 (9am to 5pm) If you receive a product that is different from the one you ordered, or if the product is incorrect, missing, or dirty, we will replace it. Please return qualified items by takkyubin chakubarai (cash on delivery) within 14 days of receipt of said items.
  • What is plus+Media?
    plus+Media is a Kinseido service to provide sample videos and the full video program for selected titles to students. The sample videos are open access. The full program is password-protected. The password is on the inside-back cover of each student book.
  • How can my students generate a new plus+Media password?
    plus+Media passwords cannot be changed or re-issued after use. Management of the password is the responsibility of the user. Please strongly encourage your students to keep their password in a safe place. They can save it on their computer or keep the password in a safe and secure place. It is not possible to share a password with another person. It is not possible to simultaneously log in from multiple devices using one password regardless of device used. Please see the plus+Media section on this website for full details.
  • Handling of Personal Information
    Kinseido is committed to protecting your privacy. To this end, Kinseido subscribes to the PrivacyMark System, which assesses private enterprises that maintain systems for the appropriate handling of personal information, and grants the use of PrivacyMark for those who meet certain standards. By asking you to click on I agree and proceed, Kinseido is drawing your attention to our commitment to keeping your private data secure.
  • What is the Clover Series?
    The Clover Series was launched in 2009 to support teachers who needed lower-level texts to teach English to students lacking in grammar, vocabulary and dictionary skills. Each title is written for the 100-300 TOEIC range, with most titles in the 200-300 range. To further support students, the authors write the preface or introduction in Japanese. The section explaining how to use the text is also in Japanese. The contents page themes and topics are in English sometimes accompanied by a Japanese translation or the grammar points in Japanese. The how-to instructions are also in Japanese. By using these materials, teachers can confidently teach and reach students with little background of studying English and students can use their L1 to learn English as an L2. has two video-based titles from the Clover Series: Hello New York! - Hajimeni (Preface), How to use the book guide, Contents (bilingual), Location descriptions, Unit summary, Translations for Before You Watch section questions, Exercise instructions, Grammar focus, Key Expressions (per scene), Column (background information) We Love L.A.! - Hashigaki (Foreword), Character profiles, Exercise instructions, Grammar Time.
  • Why do so many Kinseido titles have Japanese language in them?
    Kinseido has always specialized in supporting Japanese teachers of English at all teaching levels. Since students at the lower levels have, among other things, less vocabulary and grammar skills, it is sometimes necessary to teach with Japanese or provide background in Japanese that will support students’ speaking activities. This is why we created the Clover Series. We also have some information and the rubric in Japanese to allow students to focus on what the teacher is aiming to teach in English and having the information and rubric in English would be a time-consuming challenge and distraction from the main purpose of the lesson.
  • Apart from the Clover Series, which titles have Japanese in them?
    Most of the books on do not have Japanese. The following titles have some Japanese sections: Bridging Communication Skills - Hashigaki (Foreword) Global Activator - Hashigaki (Foreword) Issues That Matter - Hashigaki (Foreword) & Notes (explanations per unit at the back of the book) Inbound/Outbound Japan - Notes (explanations per unit at the back of the book) Our Society, Our Diversity, Our Movies - Hajimeni (Preface), Exercise instructions, Vocabulary for reading passages, Movie overviews (at the end of each unit) ABC World News Tonight - Maegaki (Foreword), Preview questions translations, Notes, News stories background explanations, Useful Grammar from the News explanations, Pronunciation Hints, Appendices British News Update 4 - Hajimeni (Preface), How to use the book guide, Unit summary, Background Information, Notes, Behind the scenes section NHK NEWSLINE 5 - Hajimeni (Preface), Unit summary and target words and phrases, Exercise instructions, Translations for Before You Watch section, Translations for some points of each news story World Adventures - Hajimeni (Preface), Location descriptions, Exercise instructions (bilingual), Notes for Reading passage, Vocabulary Preview, Part II Video summary On Board for More World Adventures - Hajimeni (Preface), How to use the book guide, Location descriptions, Exercise instructions (bilingual), Notes for Reading passage, Vocabulary Preview, Part II Video summary American Vibes - Location summary, American Eyes (geographical background), Listening Highlight

If you do not see the answer to a question you feel should be in the FAQ section, we would appreciate you letting us know.

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