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Bridging Communication Skills

By Sakae Suzuki, Matthew Miller, Patrick McClue

B5 size  14 units  136 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4091-4  ¥2,420 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD,

TM (Scripts, Review Tests)



Bridging Communication Skills teaches all four language skills, centered mainly on speaking, with reading and listening expansion.

Mastery of basic communication skills lead to ability to participate in discussions and make presentations.

Content includes Information Gap and Interview activities, pre-lesson Homework assignments, Writing Tasks, and a Review Test for the end of semester.

Table of Contents

  Unit 1    Introduction I: Getting to know your classmates

  Unit 2    Memories and Experiences

  Unit 3    Food and Cooking

  Unit 4    Health

  Unit 5    Humans and Animals

  Unit 6    Telling Stories

  Unit 7    Emotions

  Unit 8    Introduction II: Talking about summer break

  Unit 9    Intelligence

  Unit 10  Superstitions

  Unit 11  Comparing Cultures

  Unit 12  Apologies

  Unit 13  Communication

  Unit 14  Future Plans​

Message From Matthew Miller

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