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By Tim Woolstencroft, Colin Thompson

A4 size    6 modules (15 units)     136 pages

IISBN978-4-7647-4200-0    ¥3,190 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM (Scripts, Japanese Translations, Vocabulary Tests)

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Comprehensive CEFR-based coursebook series! Multifaceted tune-up for English comprehension and communication and skills!


In this coursebook series, communicative and cognitive skills are developed through action-based learning involving tasks and activities that also promote learner understanding of multiculturalism.


Based on the communicative aims of CEFR, Book A (A1-A2) is designed for beginner level learners.


Vocabulary is correlated with each level of the CEFR-J Wordlist.

Table of Contents

MODULE 1      Unit 1-2 Introductions

MODULE 2      Unit 3-4 Fashion

REVIEW           Unit 5 Review 1

MODULE 3      Unit 6-7 Food

MODULE 4      Unit 8-9 Health

REVIEW           Unit 10 Review 2

MODULE 5      Unit 11-12 Travel

MODULE 6      Unit 13-14 Rules

REVIEW           Unit 15 Review 3

Message From The Author

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