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Global Activator

By Tadashi Shiozawa, Gregory A. King

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4003-7  ¥2,200 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD,

TM (Scripts, Listening Sheet)


Through pair work and a wide range of interactive exercises, learners come into contact and engage with “World Englishes.”


The focus is on conversation, with practice in reading, listening and discussion.


This text not only introduces English used by people from other countries, but nurtures pro-active “international communication strategies.”


Topics are familiar to Japanese students and feature expressions for day-to-day communication.


Recordings are made by native English speakers as well as “non-natives” from Asia and Europe, who give Japanese a vivid look at English as a lingua franca.

Table of Contents

  Unit 1    College Life––Japan

  Unit 2    Mobile Phones –– England

  Unit 3    Movies –– India

  Unit 4    Dating –– Mexico

  Unit 5    International Food –– Korea

  Unit 6    World Englishes –– Singapore

  Unit 7    Weekends / Vacations –– Hong Kong

  Unit 8    Music / Songs –– USA 1: African-American English

  Unit 9    Sports –– Australia

  Unit 10  Shopping –– China

  Unit 11  Traveling / Studying Overseas

                –– USA 2: Midwestern English

  Unit 12  Festivals / Parties –– Germany

  Unit 13  Part-time / Future Jobs –– Brazil

  Unit 14  Experiences –– The Philippines

  Unit 15  Cool Japan –– France

Message From Tadashi Shiozawa and Gregory King

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