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Inbound_Outbound Japan

By Michael Pronko

Japanese Annotations by Hisashi Tamai, Masaru Yasuda, Naoya Tashiro, Shiho Hashimoto, Tomoko Hashino

A5 size  15 units  120 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4102-7  ¥2,090 (incl. tax)

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Michael Pronko is a successful writer and professor who has lived in Japan for over 20 years.

Through fifteen 800–900 words essays, Michael shares his theories on Japan’s culture and people and teaches critical thinking and reading skills.

The essays are divided into “inbound” and “outbound” themes.

The inbound essays are written from the perspective of a non-Japanese who has lived Japan for many years offering deep insights and philosophical observations.

In the outbound essays, the author writes about maintaining a global mindset, and about the importance of always maintaining a sense of humor!

Table of Contents


  Unit 1    What’s in a Name?

  Unit 2    Country of Eyes

  Unit 3    The Language Dance

  Unit 4    Japan Open and Closed

  Unit 5    Why Ask Me?

  Unit 6    Politics So Far from Home

  Unit 7    Is Japan in Decline?

  Unit 8    A New Era or An Era of Newness?

  Unit 9    Earthquake Life

  Unit 10  Integrating Immigrants


  Unit 11  The Right Amount of Confidence

  Unit 12  Mistake Makers of the World, Unite!

  Unit 13  The Art of Conversation

  Unit 14  “Get Out! Why Not Go?”

  Unit 15  Passion for English

Message From Michael Pronko

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