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By Charles Browne, Brent Culligan,

Joseph Phillips

A4 size  12 units  114 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4194-2  ¥2,970 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM

The In Focus series is designed to systematically build vocabulary, reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills, whilst also giving frequent practice in listening and writing skills.

Each coursebook is supported by a comprehensive range of online resources to reinforce and expand students’ learning and save teachers’ preparation time.

Please have a look at a complete sample unit to understand how the book works.

Key Benefits

■ Key, high frequency vocabulary development enables students to communicate effectively and understand a wide range of texts.

■ Lexical syllabus based on the New General Service List (NGSL) helps students systematically build their vocabulary, ensuring they learn the most relevant and practical words.


■ Reading skills and strategies allow students to refine their reading comprehension abilities and expand their comprehension strategies.


■ Critical thinking skills and discussion encourage students to

analyze, evaluate, and express their viewpoints effectively.


■ Regular listening and writing skills practice allows students to develop their ability to understand spoken language and express their thoughts clearly in written form.


■ The Teacher’s Manual contains full step-by-step teaching notes,unit-by-unit summaries, language notes, tips, expansion activities, assessment options, and complete answer keys.


■ The free Online Resources include a comprehensive Learning Dictionary, Word Search puzzles, customized NGSL and NAWL Wordles, a Video Concordance tool, Crossword puzzles, quizzes, Spaced repetition flashcards and a Placement Test.

In Focus Level 1 is here

In Focus Academic 1 is here

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