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Written and Edited by Megumi Kobayashi, Reiko Fujita, Peter J. Collins

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4120-1  ¥2,860 (incl. tax)

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plus media

Watch interviews from the popular NHK program, Direct Talk, and hear the voices of 15 creative problem-solvers from Japan and around the world.

Interviews are up to 10 minutes long in two parts, activating skimming, scanning and organizational skills.

This textbook focuses on building fluency and developing critical thinking skills.

Students are encouraged to explore a range of today’s global issues in various fields such as technology, social welfare, science, and fashion.

Lessons include background readings, comprehension tasks, and scaffolded activities culminating in communicative mini-projects.

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Table of Contents

  • Voice 1

Ride-Hailing Innovation: Creating Jobs Through Technology

Nadiem Makarim (CEO, GOJEK)

  • Voice 2

Bringing Medicine to the African Backcountry

Eri Machii (Chairperson, AfriMedico)

  • Voice 3

Saving Children in Poverty Through Music

Margaret Martin (Founder, Harmony Project)

  • Voice 4

The Matcha Business: A Maverick Spirit

Takeo Sugita (President, Aiya)

  • Voice 5

French Refugee Integration

Ayyam Sureau (Founder, Pierre Claver)

  • Voice 6

The Power of Biologging

Yuuki Watanabe (Marine Biologist, National Institute of Polar Research)

  • Voice 7

Farming Is the Future

Cherrie Atilano (Founding Farmer & CEO, AGREA)

  • Voice 8

New Challenges for a Fashion Giant

Luciano Benetton (Co-founder, Benetton Group)

  • Voice 9

Helping the Socially Vulnerable

Viola Cheng (Entrepreneur, Good Food Enterprise)

  • Voice 10

The Danish Recipe for Happiness

Meik Wiking (CEO, Happiness Research Institute)

  • Voice 11

Knitting the Future by Hand

Tamako Mitarai (CEO, Kesennuma Knitting)

  • Voice 12

Towards a Zero-Waste Future

Sun Xiaolong (Scientist, ZeroWaste Asia)

  • Voice 13

The Healing Power of Dogs

Toru Oki (Chairman, International Therapy Dog Association)

  • Voice 14

Uncovering Our Hidden Biases

Mahzarin Banaji (Social Psychologist, Harvard University)

  • Voice 15

Space Exploration: Can Private Citizens Play a Role?

Bill Nye (CEO, The Planetary Society)

Message From Megumi Kobayashi

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