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Issues That Matter

By David Peaty

Japanese Annotations by Jun Kawata

A5 size  15 units  144 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4061-7  ¥1,980 (incl. tax)

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Author David Peaty sounds the alarm and offers radical advice about problems humanity has been tackling.

Urgent tasks facing humankind—environment, energy, natural resources, food—are discussed in essays that also offer possible solutions, such as “permaculture” and “responsible tourism.”

The author has been writing about global issues for many years, and has returned once again with these satisfying reads of 1,000 to 1,200 words.

Comprehension questions are aimed at training high-level reading ability.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1

Goodbye, Maldives

  • ​Unit 2

Sustainable Communities

  • ​Unit 3

Economic Inequality: the Growing Gap

  • ​Unit 4

Dilemmas for a Responsible Tourist

  • Unit 5

Learning from Nature

  • ​Unit 6

We Can’t Live Without Water

  • ​Unit 7

Protecting World Heritage

  • ​Unit 8

The War on Sugar

  • ​Unit 9

Energy for a Stable Climate

  • ​Unit 10

Yasuni: A Dream of the Future?

  • ​Unit 11

No More Bananas?

  • ​Unit 12

Closing the Loop

  • ​Unit 13

Blowing Whistles

  • ​Unit 14

When It Is Right to Break the Law

  • ​Unit 15

Believe It or Not: the Post-Truth Era

Message From David Peaty

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