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By Tatsuroh Yamazaki, Stella M. Yamazaki

B5 size      15 units        104 pages

ISBN978-4-7647-4189-8   ¥2,750 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM (Scripts, Japanese Translations, Vocabulary Tests)

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The latest update of the popular series using video clips from the NHK World Japan broadcasts.


Focus on familiar but interesting and diverse topics from Japan facilitates easy access to English learning.


Each unit includes material sufficient for entire class sessions: listening activities, featured vocabulary and grammar exercises, and discussion questions.

Please watch a sample video on Kinseido's plusMedia platform.


Unit 1   Studying in the Metaverse
Unit 2   Japanese Firms Switching to English Amid Engineer Shortage
Unit 3   Recycling Car Parts Into Fashion Treasure
Unit 4   Japanese Family Steps Up to Support Evacuee
Unit 5   Mixing Art With Online Meetings
Unit 6   Deer Ramen
Unit 7   Making Sure the Message Is Heard
Unit 8   Think Globally, Graze Locally
Unit 9   A Sea Turtle’s Tale
Unit 10 “Robot Cafe” Showcases AI’s Potential
Unit 11 More Than Just a Cafe
Unit 12 Heeding the Words of Younger People for a Better Future
Unit 13 Wood Would Do
Unit 14 Bon Appétit! Ekiben
Unit 15 A New, Improved Tree

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