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SDGs Discussion

By Reiko Yoshihara, Chiyo Hayashi,

Emi Itoi, Noriko Iwamoto, Audrey Morrell

B5 size  15 units  124 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4150-8  ¥2,200 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM (Scripts, Review Quizzes)


Use reading passages to learn about issues the world is facing, and then discuss sustainable development goals (SDGs) as ways to deal with them.

Students learn how to think for themselves through a natural process of investigating problems and then considering solutions.

A wide and carefully selected range of topics, including “measures to slow population growth,” “embracing diversity,” and “protecting endangered species” are used to illustrate and explain seventeen different SDGs.

The text includes sections of important expressions to support students to conduct successful discussions.

Table of Contents

  Chapter  1   What Are Sustainable Development Goals?

  Chapter  2   What Is a Woman-Friendly Society?

  Chapter  3   Does Saving Infant’s Lives Slow Population    


  Chapter  4   Can Technology Solve the Water Crisis?

  Chapter  5   How Can Quality Education for All Be Achieved?

  Chapter  6   What Does It Mean To Be a Sustainable City?

  Chapter  7   Will Black Companies Survive in the Future?

  Chapter  8   What Can We Do To Help Stop Child Labor?

  Chapter  9   How Can We Reduce Food Waste?

  Chapter 10  Is a World Without Plastic Possible?

  Chapter 11  How Can We Embrace Diversity in Society?

  Chapter 12  What Kind of Energy Is Affordable and Clean?

  Chapter 13  What Is Behind the Fashion Industry?

  Chapter 14  Why Should We Protect Endangered Species?

  Chapter 15  Will Tourism Break Down Cultural and Historical


Message From Reiko Yoshihara

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