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By Diane Hawley Nagatomo

B5 size  14 units  128 pages


¥2,530 (incl. tax)

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Covers English writing in three steps:

1) Simply Useful: daily tasks such as diary keeping and emails,

2) Simply Skillful: descriptive writing for essays,

3) Simply Successful: the basics of paragraph writing.


The author uses her expertise in English material development to fill this text with a wide range of activities including grammar, reading, listening, and speaking as well as extensive writing practice.


Table of Contents

PART ONE: Simply Useful

Chapter 1    Daily Lives

Chapter 2    Documents

Chapter 3    Basic Communication

Chapter 4    Travel

PART TWO: Simply Skillful

Chapter 5    What’s He Like?

Chapter 6    What’s the Difference?

Chapter 7    How Do You Do That?

Chapter 8    What Do You Think?

Chapter 9    What Are the Facts?

PART THREE: Simply Successful

Chapter 10  What’s a Paragraph? 1

Chapter 11  What’s a Paragraph? 2

Chapter 12  Persuasive Paragraphs

Chapter 13  The Five-Paragraph Essay 1

Chapter 14  The Five-Paragraph Essay 2

Message From Diane H. Nagatomo

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