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Think Smart

By Michael Hood

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4043-3  ¥2,090 (incl. tax)

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Students learn critical thinking skills by reading and discussing major issues in today’s global society.

The text provides a consistent framework for discussion about the theme in each unit.


Topics with divided popular opinion––such as nuclear power, immigration, and global warming––are designed to encourage and create active class participation.

Table of Contents

  Unit 1    Study Abroad

  Unit 2    Nuclear Power

  Unit 3    Immigration

  Unit 4    The Social Safety Net

  Unit 5    Global Warming

  Unit 6    Women in the Workplace

  Unit 7    School on Saturdays

  Unit 8    Food Labeling

  Unit 9    Etiquette in the Digital Age

  Unit 10  Merit-based Pay

  Unit 11  American Military Bases in Japan

  Unit 12  Taxes

  Unit 13  Living Together Before Marriage

  Unit 14  Animal Rights

  Unit 15  Hosting the Olympics

Message From Michael Hood

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