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By Christopher Belton Koshi Odashima

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN978-4-7647-4042-6    ¥1,980 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD, TM

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Popular author Christopher Belton offers a new kind of intellectual excitement through beautifully descriptive and informative passages.


Transcending time, place and race, how do cultures influence each other and link to the present? Learners set out on a journey back in time.


Passages of approximately 700 words by the author, a Booker Prize nominee, foster the joy of absorbing new knowledge.


Learners practice summarizing and other high-level exercises aimed at developing authentic English skills.


Table of Contents

Unit 1        ​The Concept of Beauty​

Unit 2​        Greek Mythology––Stories of Gods and Humans

Unit 3​        The Bible––Mainstay of Christianity

Unit 4​        Renaissance––Transcending Cultural Movements

Unit 5        ​The Structure of Fictional Literature

Unit 6​        The Theater and Acting

Unit 7​        The English Language

Unit 8​        The Rise of Cities

Unit 9        ​Trusting in Recorded History

Unit 10​      Battles on Board Games

Unit 11      ​How Democracy Works

Unit 12​      Marriage and the States

Unit 13      ​The Meaning of Prayers

Unit 14      ​Mankind and Laughter

Unit 15      ​The Importance of Discipline

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