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We Love L.A.!

By Robert Hickling, Misato Usukura 

Videos by Todd Rucynski

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4049-5  ¥2,750 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD, Teacher DVD, TM (Scripts, Review Quizzes)


plus media

The first video materials from popular remedial text author, Robert Hickling!

Each dialogue was filmed in the Los Angeles area.

Students can almost feel the sun and breeze on their skin as they enjoy learning—in simple English—about Yuka and three other young people.

Along with the easy-to-understand remedial format, videos further enhance the learning experience through practice conversations with characters and slideshow tours of the L.A. area.

Students practice speaking English, as well as firm up basics in grammar and writing.

WATCH 5 sample videos on plus+Media 

Table of Contents

  Unit 1    Welcome to L.A. / Be verbs

  Unit 2    I Love Fruit!  / Countable and Uncountable Nouns
  Unit 3    Campus Life / Simple Present and Imperative

  Unit 4    Lunchtime / Pronouns
  Unit 5    First Date / Simple Past
  Unit 6    Where’s Linda? / Present and Past Progressive

  Unit 7    Andy’s News / Will and Be going to
  Unit 8    Shopping in Santa Monica / Modal Verbs

  Unit 9    Moving Day / Prepositions of Place and Time
  Unit 10  A Beautiful View / Present Perfect
  Unit 11  Sunday Fun / Comparative and Superlatives
  Unit 12  Seeing Stars / Wh-Questions
  Unit 13  Buying Food for a BBQ / Gerunds and Infinitives
  Unit 14  Putting on a New Face / Conjunctions
  Unit 15  Nice Surprises / Present and Past Passive

Message From Misato Usukura

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