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World Adventures

By Scott Berlin, Megumi Kobayashi

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4133-1  ¥2,530 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD,

Teacher DVD, TM (Scripts, Fill-in-the-blank Tests)


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World Adventures and its online video contain fifteen segments with photographs and video clips shot in fifteen countries.

It provides students with interesting and stimulating scenes relating to various people and cultures of the world.

Impressive scenes of historical monuments and local people allow learners to gain an insight into other cultures.

Colorful pages with ample photographs induce learners to concentrate and absorb the content presented in the textbook.

Authentic interviews give students opportunities to listen to English used in different parts of the world.

WATCH 4 sample videos on plus+Media 

Table of Contents

  Unit 1    India

  Unit 2    Philippines

  Unit 3    Thailand

  Unit 4    Vietnam

  Unit 5    Korea

  Unit 6    France

  Unit 7    Italy

  Unit 8    Denmark

  Unit 9    Portugal

  Unit 10  Turkey

  Unit 11  Egypt

  Unit 12  South Africa

  Unit 13  Brazil

  Unit 14  Peru

  Unit 15  Guatemala

Message From Scott Berlin

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