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By David Peaty

B5 size  14 units  144 pages

ISBN978-4-7647-4205-5   ¥2,750 (incl. tax)

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Revised full-color edition of a long-selling text, one of the first to take up SDGs. Learn about global issues and talk about them in English!


Expand learner horizons with challenging activities that nurture all English skills necessary for the 21st century: learning vocabulary in context, listening using note taking, reading as group work, discussing and making presentations about listening and reading topics, and more.

Table of Contents

Unit 1     Waste and Recycling

Unit 2     Sustainable Cities

Unit 3     Energy

Unit 4     Climate Change

Unit 5     Endangered Species

Unit 6     Tropical Rainforests

Unit 7     Tourism

Unit 8     Developing Countries

Unit 9     Peace and Conflict

Unit 10   Refugees and Migrants

Unit 11   The United Nations

Unit 12   Human Rights

Unit 13   Gender Issues

Unit 14   Health and Longevity

Message From David Peaty

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