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By Timothy Knowles, Minne Tanaka, Mihoko Nakamura, Sayaka Moue

B5 size      15 units        108 pages

ISBN978-4-7647-4191-1    ¥3,080 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM (Scripts, Japanese Translations, Vocabulary Tests)


The latest in the popular series featuring BBC News reports from Great Britain and other countries.


The class CD includes two versions of each BBC feature: one is the original recording and the other is a voice-over of the same script—one that is easier for students to understand.


Online video content streaming for students' out-of-class practice.

Please watch a sample video on Kinseido's plusMedia platform.


Unit 1   Paying Respects to the Queen

Unit 2   Music: The Key to Mental Health

Unit 3   The London Olympic Park Today

Unit 4   Prescriptions for Healthy Food

Unit 5   The Last British Maker of Ballet Shoes

Unit 6   Nurses on Strike

Unit 7   Sustainable Antarctic Cruises

Unit 8   The Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup

Unit 9   The First Female Mayor of Suginami

Unit 10 Rescue of an Ancient Tavern

Unit 11 A New Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Unit 12 Liverpool’s Slavery Heritage

Unit 13 New Businesses in Sunderland

Unit 14 Brexit: How Do We Feel Now?

Unit 15 Genomes of All Life in the British Isles

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