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Clover Series

The Clover Series was launched in 2009 to support teachers who needed lower-level texts to teach English to students lacking in grammar, vocabulary and dictionary skills. You can see the 26 titles below.

Each title is written for the 100-300 TOEIC range, with most titles in the 200-300 range.

To further support students, the authors write the preface or introduction in Japanese.

The section explaining how to use the text is also in Japanese.

The contents page themes and topics are in English sometimes accompanied by a Japanese translation or the grammar points in Japanese.

The how-to instructions are also in Japanese.

By using these materials, teachers can confidently teach and reach students with little background of studying English and students can use their native language to learn English as a foreign language.

Most of our authors for the Clover Series are Japanese:

Akiko Fukihara; Katsunori Fujioka; Yumi Hasegawa; Shimpei Hashio; Yoshihiko Honda; Yasuhiro Ichikawa; Tatsuo Iso; Tetsuya Kagata; Shigeki Kanasaki; Kaoru Koiso; Kazuhiko Maeda; Takaaki Morioka; Fumiko Murase; Kazumi Namiki; Kaori Noro; Mayumi Okamoto; Satsuki Osaki; Rintaro Sato; Takehisa Tsuchiya; Shuji Tsumura; Misato Usukura; Nobuyuki Yamauchi

Some non-Japanese authors collaborated on several of the texts:

Anthony Allan; Neil Heffernan; Robert Hickling; James Horvat; Diane H. Nagatomo; Braven Smillie; Susan Adams Yamada

See Clover Series

Do you think you and your students can benefit from using this series? You can click on any cover below to see the details of these titles.


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