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Essential Writing 1

By Jethro Kenney

B5 size  12 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4180-5  ¥2,200 (incl. tax)




This is an introductory writing textbook for beginner and

pre-intermediate level learners that covers the rules and elements of sentence structure, emphasizing aspects that Japanese students tend to find challenging.


The latter chapters in the book are about paragraph writing.

Different types of paragraphs used in academic writing are introduced and explained.


The text presents model paragraphs, writing techniques, and ideas for brainstorming that teach structure.


All activities are aimed at teaching quality writing and motivating the learner to become an autonomous writer.


The text is full of exercises that include pair work and peer review for active-learning-style classes.

Table of Contents

  PART I    From Sentence to Paragraph

  Unit 1    Building the Sentence

  Unit 2    Combining Sentences

  Unit 3    Building the Paragraph 1

  Unit 4    Building the Paragraph 2

  Extra     On Writing

  PART II   Rhetorical Patterns

  Unit 5    The Process Paragraph 1

  Unit 6    The Process Paragraph 2

  Unit 7    The Descriptive Paragraph 1

  Unit 8    The Descriptive Paragraph 2

  Unit 9    The Narrative Paragraph 1

  Unit 10  The Narrative Paragraph 2

  Unit 11  The Opinion Paragraph 1

  Unit 12  The Opinion Paragraph 2

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