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Finding Connections

By Todd Rucynski

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4076-1  ¥2,860 (incl. tax)

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Finding Connections links language with people and culture. Students read about a communication cultural issue in cultural context, and then watch a mini drama filmed on location in New York City.

They are asked to explore subtext and think about how they would handle the issues.

Finding Connections teaches note-taking skills and includes multiple activities.

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Table of Contents

  Scene 1    What made you who you are?

  Scene 2    What is good about you?

  Scene 3    Can you tell me about music?

  Scene 4    When and who do you ask for advice?

  Scene 5    Are you easy to live with?

  Scene 6    What is your type?

  Scene 7    How do you give and receive compliments?

  Scene 8    Do you like me?!

  Scene 9    Can you guess?

  Scene 10  Can we work it out?

  Scene 11  How do you describe events in detail?

  Scene 12  What are you into?

  Scene 13  How do you help a friend find the way?

  Scene 14  What are you talking about?

  Scene 15  Can you tell me a story?

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