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By Tatsuroh Yamazaki, Stella M. Yamazaki


B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4170-6  ¥2,640 (incl. tax)

Class CD, TM (Scripts, Vocabulary Tests)


plus media

The latest update of the popular series using video clips from the NHK World Japan broadcasts.

Focus on familiar but interesting and diverse topics from Japan means easy access to English learning.

Each unit includes material sufficient for entire class sessions: listening activities, featured vocabulary and grammar exercises, and discussion questions.

WATCH 2 sample videos on plus+Media:

Innovation Needed: The Sillier the Better (Unit 1)

Hiroshima Hibakusha Determined to Share Story (Unit 6)

Table of Contents

Unit 1   Invention Needed: The Sillier the Better

Unit 2   Artisan from Abroad Protects Tradition

Unit 3   World Traveler, Starting by Accident

Unit 4   International Volunteers Help Children in Need

Unit 5   Public Servant Goes Private

Unit 6   Hiroshima Hibakusha Determined to Share Story

Unit 7   Building Playgrounds in Disaster-Hit Communities

Unit 8   Climate Change Activist Comes of Age

Unit 9   Tech for Pets Takes Off

Unit 10 Hairdressers Given a Shot at Independence

Unit 11 Japanese Tradition Reinvented to Help Global     


Unit 12 Green Tea Shochu Hits the Spot with Overseas                           Connoisseurs

Unit 13 Looking to the Future in ‘Jeans Town’

Unit 14 A Recollection of Courage

Unit 15 Indoor Farms Sprouting Up in Cities

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