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On Board for More World Adventures

By Scott Berlin, Megumi Kobayashi

B5 Size   15 units  104 pages 

ISBN 978-4-7647-4134-8  ¥2,530 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Class CD, Teacher DVD, TM (Scripts, Fill-in-the-blank Tests)


plus media

The second book in the World Adventures text and online video series containing fifteen segments with photographs and video clips filmed in fifteen countries.

Scenes of local people and historical sites give learners insights into other cultures.

The online video includes interviews with people from each country providing learners with the opportunity to listen to English from around the world.

WATCH 4 sample videos on plus+Media 


Table of Contents

  Unit 1    Australia

  Unit 2    Indonesia

  Unit 3    Singapore

  Unit 4    China

  Unit 5    Argentina

  Unit 6    Mexico

  Unit 7    Germany

  Unit 8    Finland

  Unit 9    Poland

  Unit 10  Spain

  Unit 11  Greece

  Unit 12  Kenya

  Unit 13  Morocco

  Unit 14  Lebanon

  Unit 15  Kuwait

Message From Scott Berlin

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