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Hello New York

By Takehisa Tsuchiya, Yoshihiko Honda, Braven Smillie

Videos by Todd Rucynski

B5 size  15 units  104 pages

ISBN 978-4-7647-4011-2  ¥2,750 (incl. tax)

Downloadable Audio, Teacher DVD,

TM (Scripts, Review Tests, Fill-in-the-blank Tests)


plus media

Students learn the basics through the eyes of Aya, a Japanese exchange student living with a host family in New York City.

The videos are designed to augment beginning level classes, and engage and focus students on key language.

Your students will enjoy participating in video quizzes and practicing expressions with characters in Aya’s world.

All the videos in this book  were filmed in New York by Todd Rucynski.

WATCH 4 sample videos on plus+Media 

Table of Contents

  SCENE 1    ​It’s So Nice to Meet You!

  SCENE 2​    Is He a Popular Professor?

  SCENE 3​    He Showed Me “a” Way

  SCENE 4​    For Here or To Go?

  SCENE 5​    She Is So Beautiful

  SCENE 6​    Catching a Cab

  SCENE 7​    How Romantic!

  SCENE 8​    I’m Not Feeling Well

  SCENE 9​    Tickets for a Yankees Game

  SCENE 10  ​What’s on the Shopping List?

  SCENE 11​  MoMA Is Fun!

  SCENE 12​  The “Fourth of July” Is Coming Up

  SCENE 13​  Who Is That Guy?!

  SCENE 14​  You’re My Best Friend

  SCENE 15  ​We’re Going to Be Late!

● Sample Video                               Audio
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