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INTEGRITY Intermediate Vitalize Your English Studies with Authentic Videos

Osamu Takeuchi (Series Editor)
Tomoko Yabukoshi / Yukie Shinhara (Authors)
Mizuki Moriyasu (English Proofreader)

B5 96 pp. 14 units ¥2,750 (incl. tax)   978-4-7647-4175-1






Plus Media_edited_edited.png

To get their interest, learners first watch a video produced by The Guardian newspaper. Then they get to work on tasks aimed at honing all four English skills. The goal is to nurture competence required by next-generation university students to sort out and communicate information in English.

Authentic videos from The Guardian serve to focus learners on particular issues facing today’s society. Afterwards, they read a passage newly written by the author in clear, concise English. Unit themes include racial issues, how social media affects our lives, women’s lifestyles, advice on job-hunting, and much more.

Each unit has a similar format. The length of the videos, the number of words in the reading passages, and the level of output all increase as students move through the units and through the levels from beginner to advanced.

Intermediate Level video length:        2-3 minutes

Intermediate Level reading passage: 350 words approx.


WATCH a sample video on plus+Media about Women's Rights and AI Development (Unit 12) 

Table of Contents

Unit 1    The Future of the Meat Market

Unit 2    The Road to a Carbon-Free World

Unit 3    The Meaning of a Healthy Lifestyle

Unit 4    Keys to a Successful Job Interview

Unit 5    The Healing Power of Animals

Unit 6    Measures to Help Job Seekers

Unit 7    Uncovering the Secrets of Water

Unit 8    The Strategy to Prevent Obesity

Unit 9    Heated Debate on VAR

Unit 10  Lively Learning about Food Waste

Unit 11  Inside an Underground Homeless Community

Unit 12  Women’s Rights and AI Development

Unit 13  Fighting Hair Discrimination and Racism

Unit 14  Ways to Get Out of Busyness Trap

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